Custom made

Square throw pillows

The standard collections are made for square throw-pillows.

If you would like to order a different size, please let us know.

Click on the button different sizes to get an overview of what size could be possible.


The end result of our product is proffesional, the material is zig-zagged before finishing, and the end of the fabric stiched-back to give your product a luxury feel.


We don't use zippers or buttons to close our pillowcovers. Just a simple 'fold-over' so there're not hard bits and the pillow is feeling soft and comfortable all round.

3 simple steps:

Turn the pillowcase so backside is facing you and turn the outer backflap inside out.

Insert the pillow making sure the corners are neatly tucked in the pillowcase.

Turn the outer backflap back. Et voila!

What else is possible?

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